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Tone of Voice How to Connect with your audience

Tone of Voice: How to Connect with your Audience?

What is Tone of Voice?

Tone of voice is not about the things you say but the way you say them. It includes not just your chosen words but also their pace, rhythm, and order. What is a bit confusing here is that as far as the world of marketing and business is concerned, tone of voice is a phrase that pertains to written words instead of spoken ones. The tone of voice of a company informs all written copy that it has, from its website to emails, social media messages, and packaging. 

There are several top reasons why tone of voice is important now more than ever and these include the following:

It Makes You Stand Out from the Crowd

The tone of voice of your brand must be unique, distinctive, and recognizable. It might seem a bit far-fetched until you actually consider how you use your language in your day-to-day life. Everyone uses language, spoken and written alike, in his or her way. Dialect and culture are the two most critical factors that dictate how you approach words. But, more than these, people have their own inflections, favourite expressions, pace, idiosyncrasies, and more.

It is the Expression of the Brand’s People

Remember that what matters is not only what the company does and instead, it is the people making it a brand in the first place. Tone of voice is the embodiment and expression of the set of values and personality of the brand. It is also about those men and women making up the brand, what drives them, their likes and dislikes, and the things they wish to share with the rest of the world.


It Establishes Trust 

Trust and familiarity are strongly connected. Since something familiar needs minimal effort for mental processing, it is more likely for people to feel more at ease around it. On this note, a company should consistently use its language to make its writing more familiar to customers. This is why coming up with a specific tone of voice plays an important role in this.

It Helps Persuade and Influence 

People are more inclined to remember the way you made them feel, instead of remembering the things you say or do. It is usually how you say things that can breed certain feelings. People tend to be rather sensitive when it comes to language and they form impressions of people the moment they start reading or hearing their words.

Words that are chosen with care could be used for influencing or persuading an audience. Politicians, for instance, often speak simple and short sentences as their way of projecting an idea of self-evident universal truths and honesty. Financial service firms, on the other hand, are often accused of the deliberate use of language laden with jargon as their way of implying some sense of superiority.

All in all, a good tone of voice must never go unnoticed. The goal here is for your audience to not just praise your exceptional writing but to praise your outstanding business.

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