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Why Instagram analytics are so important for growth

Why Instagram Analytics are so Important for Growth?

Instagram Analytics

If your goal is for your Instagram account to grow bigger, one of the best places to get started is to take a close look at your Instagram analytics.

Instagram analytics helps you further develop your current content strategy, reach more new audiences, and target the right audience.

What Makes Instagram Analytics Important?

Instagram analytics can be considered as the best and easiest way of understanding who your specific audience is, what kind of content that they often engage with, and when they are most active.

This insight level is very crucial to create a good content tactic that will drive results in favor of your business or brand. Without this insight, it will almost feel like you are just working hard in a pitch dark room.

But, it is not that easy to find and identify the correct metrics you should track and learn how you should interpret them in the first place.

All businesses and brands have their own specific goals, whether to increase conversions and clicks or grow the count of followers. This means that the metrics that matter the most will differ.

This means that the first step you can take is to have a clearer idea of the goals of your business to help you determine the metrics that are most pertinent for achieving them.

After you have identified all of your goals, you can make the most out of your Instagram Analytics since you will now have clearer objectives that you will be monitoring in your social media reports.

Measuring Your Instagram Performance

You can analyze and follow numerous valuable metrics on Instagram. Obviously, average marketing teams won’t be able to keep track of every indicator since it is not relevant or feasible at all. This is why they just tend to focus on that set of objectives that impacts their companies the most. 

For example, your goal might be to raise and improve brand awareness and in such a case, there is definitely a need for you to pay more attention to your post reach.

Meanwhile, marketers whose goal is to generate more leads, often focus on user engagement for them to understand the way prospects behave as well as the specific types of action they usually take. 

To give you a good idea, there are several basic metrics you should monitor. You can discover these groups of indicators in Instagram Insights, the native analytics page of the platform:

  • Profile Metrics

It is made up of nine different features such as call and email clicks, website clicks, profile views, and the total number of posts.

  • Audience Insights

These are very crucial since you should learn all the things you should know about your target audience. This helps you enhance your Instagram marketing performance and come up with better content.

  • Instagram Posts 

It is where Instagram Insights become more specific to reveal metrics like saves per post and impressions. 

  • Instagram Stories 

This special section counts the number of impressions and overall separate reach of every Story. 

  • Instagram Live Videos

These live videos have become the most popular forms of ephemeral content online which is why this feature also has its own special segment of analytics.

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