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7 Dos & Don’ts to improve your Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for marketing that any business can use today. Aside from establishing reputation and credibility, it also gives companies the perfect chance to have direct interaction with clients and customers. 

Marketers and business owners need to know how social media affects the connection between consumers and companies. But, do you really use social media the right way?

To ensure that you are making the right impact on all social media platforms, here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Dos in Social Media 

  • Do have a good strategy in place.

A lot of companies use social media with no social strategy or plan at all. If you want to see actual results, you need a clear strategy so you can set your goals that you will analyze along the way to check if you are making any progress. 

  • Do understand and know your audience. 

It is a must that you know your target audience just as how well you know your company. When do they go online? What kind of job do they have? Having basic knowledge about your target audience helps you determine what and when you should post.

  • Do be consistent.

Companies are often left wondering how often they should be posting on social media. Although it is subject depending on your industry, the key here is consistency. Your goal is to post often enough so your consumers will always think of you without finding you repetitive or annoying.

Don’ts in Social Media

  • Don’t use all social platforms.

There might be lots of social networks out there but if you don’t want to fail, avoid having a presence on all of them. It might be better if you pick 4 or 5 networks where your audience and target market hang out and provide them with great content regularly. 

  • Don’t post anything until you know who you are. 

Just like humans, brands are also living entities with relationships and personalities. Before heading to social media, you need to understand and develop the identity of your brand and the specific voice you are going to use on social media. 

  • Don’t go crazy with promotions at all times.

While you should never completely rule out self-promotion, companies with responsive and informative social media pages are the ones that best resonate with computers. It is also important to know your audience so make sure you engage, learn, and listen. Present yourself as an authority and expert in your niche.

  • Don’t post any controversial content.

There are times when businesses push certain agendas that are not even related to their products or services. No matter what type of business you have, it is often best to stay away from hot-button issues. Allowing your company to be involved in controversial topics might only damage your brand reputation and personality that you worked hard to develop.

Do follow these tips and don’t let social media work against you. Use it to your advantage and harness its full power and potential! 

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