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5 Steps to Supercharge your Sales & Conversions on Social Media

Do you want to improve your social media strategy to get more sales and conversions? Are you looking for the best natural way that will speed up your journey to success?

Below are the five steps you can follow to take out the guesswork on how to score more conversions and sales on social media:

1. Identify What You Will Sell and Promote 

Building trust is the first step to convince people to choose your products or services. To do this on social media, you need to build excitement and build buzz so that people will be more willing to buy once you present your services and products to them.

Think of what you like to build this buzz for. Of course, you should avoid posting anything that comes to mind on your page. Always remember the results you want. Identifying what you like to build the buzz for will help you frame next month’s conversation.

2. Pinpoint Objections and Gaps

The second step is identifying objections and gaps among your target audience. It is all about understanding the way people think and move them from a belief system to another. Filling the gap will make it easier for you to convince people to buy products. As for objections, it is a must that you identify all the possible reasons why people may say no.

3. Ask Your Audience for Feedback

One more way of building buzz is to request for the help of your target audience in developing your services and products. This method may sound too simple but it actually works. You can write down the questions you want to answer as well as the decisions you will be making about the service or product that you are launching. It might include a title or the way something is written or designed. 

You can invite your community like your Facebook group to give their input on the option you must choose. When you ask for feedback from your audience, you can establish familiarity and boost their excitement about the things you are doing. The moment you launch your product in the market, the more likely it is for people to buy.

4. Use Outreach Appearances to Establish Social Proof

Social proof and featured guest appearances can also be used for building authority. You should be featured in areas that are outside your own audiences like the blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels of other people. You can try doing Facebook Live videos in Facebook groups of others or you can also go live with other people on Instagram. You will be able to build more authority if you are also featured more.

5. Casual Mentions of Your Services and Products Can Help in Soft Selling

Inline mentions can help you sell with no need to sell. Instead of constantly asking people to purchase your services and products, all you have to do is just mention your offers, results, and clients with no need to come up with an entire post regarding your service or product. This builds familiarity and hypes your services and products among your audience that will make them want to buy later on.

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