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Must Know Social Media Trends in 2021

2020 was a very challenging year that made people realise how important it is to be always prepared for the unexpected and expected alike. 

This 2021, several trends in social media will grow bigger partly because of the continuous threat of COVID-19 and partly because social media itself has also changed in more ways than one.

Live Streams are Here to Stay 

Last year’s global health crisis saw most businesses going online to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and maintain proper social distance. Zoom conferences replaced face-to-face meetings while artists opt for live streams in the comforts of their homes instead of live concerts.

This is why it is only natural that there is also a rise in using social media’s features for live streaming. Facebook enjoyed a significant boost in live streaming and messaging.

While things might be somewhat changing this year, people already gotten used to interacting with brands live with no need to step outside their homes. Thus, it is safe to say that live streaming is going to become more popular than ever, making it a must-have addition to your current social media marketing strategy.

Stories are Now a Content Format 

Millions of users are interacting with Instagram Stories daily. Even though Instagram Stories already rose to dominance as a content format in 2020, it is safe to say that they won’t go away any time soon.

Thus, it makes perfect sense for brands to follow a more organized approach, planning for Stories as a format of content for publishing calendars in case they are not doing it yet. What is even more important is that using videos as Stories is going to increase further because it seems that they are starting to surpass photos.

VR Will Be More In Demand on Social Media

As social distancing and stay at home, orders continue, people also seek more meaningful virtual interactions. VR or virtual reality is among the latest technological trends that offer them with such interactions.

Using VR to interact with people can give that sense of being together even if you are actually on different ends of the world. It is the exact form of experience that people need in times of social distancing.

2021 will likely see an increase in social media popularity of virtual reality with platforms pushing forward with adding this form of technology.

AR to Become a Media Trend

Just like VR, the recent events also sped up the use of AR or augmented reality experiences with the social space included. AR doesn’t need extra hardware aside from a smartphone that makes it more readily accessible compared to VR. This is also familiar from the experiences such as dynamic photo filters that dominated different social platforms for quite some time. AR experiences are also highly effective and inherently interactive for engagement.

Anticipating the newest social media trends in 2021 can help you establish a stronger and more solid presence for the near future. It gives you an idea of what to expect and how you can tailor your social strategy based on the latest social trends.

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