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3 Things You Should Know about LinkedIn Content Marketing

There is more to LinkedIn than just being a platform to expand your professional network. Several years ago, members of the site were given a chance to use its publishing platform to promote content or post blogs. 

This paved way for the change in the platform’s dynamic from being a B2B social media platform in the beginning to welcoming both B2C and B2B today. 

If you want to further improve your content marketing efforts, you can do exactly just that at LinkedIn.  But, take note that the platform is still different from the rest of the social media channels out there.

Below are 3 important things to keep in mind when it comes to content marketing in LinkedIn. 

Prepare Your Content Strategy

It has been revealed that short-form status updates often get higher engagement on the LinkedIn platform compared to long-form posts. This is why you need to strategise the specific type of content you wish to post on the site. Make sure to remember the following basic strategy tips:

  • Offer content that will be of value to your main audience.
  • Follow a schedule for your posting times. 
  • Use the right hashtags to differentiate your content pieces and make them easier to find and discover. 

LinkedIn users are more interested in discovering new industries, networking with others, learning what other businesses are doing, etc. If you want to make your posting enjoyable in other people’s eyes, you can engage them better using a good mix of status updates and blog posts as your solid strategies. 

Use Videos for More Engaging Content 

You can also post status updates in video form on LinkedIn or include a video in your company profile. Videos are considered as the best tools for engaging audiences and getting higher content views on different platforms, so you can expect it to work well even on LinkedIn. 

Just like short-form posts, make sure that your videos are not that long, too. A reasonable time frame is usually 1 to 3 minutes before viewers start losing interest, and it can get even shorter for topics irrelevant to them. 

LinkedIn videos could be something as simple as daily office life or set-ups in the home office under today’s current situation. You can make it engaging by sharing the changes your company went through before it prospered or spark conversations by discussing upcoming developments. 

Repurpose Your Content 

Does your website have an existing blog section? Why not share this on LinkedIn, then? You will not just be getting a new post, as it will also drive traffic to your site. There are several ways of repurposing content on the platform. For instance, if one of your blog topics is about the 7 things you know about your specific industry, you could develop a series of 7 LinkedIn status updates for each of the points where you can link your original article. 

Always keep your content relevant, and before you know it, you will be hitting it big with your marketing, thanks to LinkedIn!

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