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Growing Your Presence on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is officially the latest voice-based addition to the social media world. But, how will you grow your presence on the platform in the first place?

Hopefully, the following tips can help your voice be heard on Clubhouse in no time!

  1. The most important parts of your bio are those top three lines since they are the ones that show up right next to your name. Make sure that you keep them strong. 

2. Include emojis in your bio. Clubhouse has its own emoji search feature, which makes them more crucial in this platform than others. You can first do several searches for emojis on your own to see what will pop up. For all you know, they might have a different meaning from what you assume. 

3. The rooms have been divided into. The stage is the upper part, the middle one is for the people that the speakers follow, and the bottom portion is where you will see other audience members. The room moderators in the top section have green symbols. It is important to understand this. 

4. Search for and follow the big hitters. You can click the Instagram link on their bio, follow them and send them a message to express your gratitude for the room they just moderated. Try to be more specific and pertain to a particular thing they said to ensure that you don’t come off as stalking. After all, you want their radar to detect and follow you because of the next point. 

5. You aim to be part of the room’s top two sections. It is more likely that you will be invited to talk if any of the speakers in the middle section follow you. 

6. If you like to speak, which should definitely be your goal if you are just in the build stage, you have to hit that hand emoji. Once you get pulled on the stage, make sure you wait and be patient until you are invited to talk. Never, ever interrupt. 

7. Once you get the chance to talk, avoid selling and provide massive value instead. Get this right, and before you know it, your followers will increase in no time. It is like you will go to a speaker event and follow the social channels of the good presenters. What is even better is that you may also get invited as their moderator sooner or later. 

8. Get started by going over the hallway and searching for smaller rooms about good topics. There is a higher chance that you will be pulled on the stage if you are part of a smaller room.  As your following and your reputation grow further, the higher the chance that you will also get invited as a speaker in any of the bigger rooms. Once this happens, you will see exponential growth in your followers.  

Try to follow these tips to grow your presence in Clubhouse in no time! 

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