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9 Little-Known Font How-Tos for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is no doubt the smartest invention of the platform yet. Below are 9 font hacks that you can try to make yourself stand out from your competitors and gain more visibility for your Stories. 

1. Add Your Own Brand Font 

Download Over app. Use Google’s nearby share settings if you are using an Android device or Airdrop for Apple devices to connect the OFT file of your font. Choose Over from the pop-up menu. Every time you design your Instagram Stories using the Over app, you can now use your brand’s fonts. 

2. Choose Additional Colors from the Selection 

Click on the drawing pen icon, then touch and hold any colour.  A more extensive palette will appear in a second. While still keeping your finger on the screen, just move it from one side to another until you choose the colour you like. You can also use this colour wheel trick for changing the background behind fonts. 

3. Use the Color Palette of Your Posted Photo 

Choose the photo to choose and the word you like to use. Click the Aa icon in the upper right corner. Type the word’s first letter. Click the icon on the upper left corner to add background to that letter. Move around the tool in the photo to see the change in the letter’s background. After choosing the first letter’s background colour, move to the other letters until you complete the word. 

4.  Make Texts Pop with a Solid Background

Choose or take a photo from the picture library. Tap the drawing pencil icon, then hover over your chosen colour. Tap then hold for the background to change to solid monochrome colour. Write a brief note or call to action. 

5. Use Several Fonts

Open a tab for your internet browser. Open the Instagram app and proceed to Stories. Choose the photo you want to share, but don’t upload it first. Go to the browser to open the site. Choose the Fancy Text option, then type your text. This will automatically change into different fonts. Select one and click copy for the text to be saved to your clipboard. Return to the app to find your Stories draft. Pick the Aa icon, tap, then hold the screen at the location of the blinking cursor, then click Paste. 

6. Create Rainbow or Ombre Text Effect

Write the text and select it. Hold one thumb on one colour in the palette, then hold your other thumb on the text cursor. Slide your two thumbs at the same time to the left for the letters to change colours.  

7. Use Animated Fonts on Your Stories

Download HypeType and open it. Choose the photo from your picture library—double-tap animated text to edit. Type the text in a newly opened window, then reposition the text around the screen. Click on the blue “Done” icon in the upper right corner. Click on the T icon for adding other fonts and playing with the animation. Click Save and choose to download the picture to your phone. Launch the Instagram app, then click on Stories to upload the animated content. 

9. Hide Your Stories’ Hashtags 

Choose the image, then type your hashtag. Place this on the corner with a solid background. Highlight your hashtag as text, then tap on the drawing pen icon. You can drag this pen across the screen as close to the hashtag’s background as possible until the background and hashtag match. 

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