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Top Apps for Social Media Success

The best apps for social media success provide various solutions to help you organise several accounts easily and share important information across different social networks. There is no need for you to have separate posts for your accounts straight from the web. 

Below are some of the top apps that you can use for social media management:


Buffer can help you in planning out schedules for optimising your social updates. You can schedule them and spread them out to be published the whole day. This can be used with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. 


You are surely aware of how visual content has been filling the social media world, and this is exactly where Everypost can come in handy. This tool lets you share your multimedia content across different platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Google+.  


There is no doubt that Hootsuite is today’s most popular app for social media management. It is known far and wide as it supports different platforms while providing an extensive range of dynamic features and settings.  


If This Then That, or simply IFTTT, is a tool that gives you the chance to build your automated actions known as recipes or applets to save you from the need to perform them manually. There is no limit on how many recipes you can build, which works with pretty much all popular social websites.   


SocialOomph helps you manage your Twitter accounts free of charge plus RSS feeds, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others if you choose to upgrade. You can also track your keywords, schedule your tweets, shorten URLs, promote your profiles, create an unlimited number of profiles, purge your direct message inbox, and more. 


SocialFlow follows a data-driven social media approach with tools that allow you to publish based on when you have the most active users, launch advertisement campaigns based on goals, and more. It is the kind of app that you really should use if you like to know and understand your social activity better. 


SpredFast is a tool that works great at data feature integration that makes it an excellent choice for all social media strategists who go crazy with analytics measurement. You need to request a demo before using it. 

Sprout Social

An app made for serious social media marketers, Sprout Social not only allows you to publish to different social platforms with ease, as it is also meant to provide exceptional customer service through social media and search for hidden opportunities for engagement. 


Visual social content is the main focus of Tailwind, specifically Instagram and Pinterest. This tool lets you schedule posts for Pinterest, monitor your brand, find trends using insights, and more. For Instagram, make the most out of Instagram’s listening feature, manage your audience, get access to reporting and analytics, and more. 


This is a popular web app for Twitter management. It is a popular platform used for supporting other social networks. But, after Twitter acquired it, everything is stripped away, and it is made exclusively for Twitter account management.  

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