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3 Ideas to Blow Out Your Content Competitors

If you want your storytelling to be suspenseful and gripping at the same time, you don’t need to wait until Halloween to get started. Now more than ever, social media is the first thing you can turn to if you want to take your SEO efforts to the next level. You can even go as far as teaching your audience how they can do what you are doing without losing your business. 

Check out these 3 ideas guaranteed to give your content competitors a run for their money:

Volvo’s Thrilling Safety Play 

Carmaker Volvo released a short video on their YouTube channel that ran as a pre-roll ad on other videos on the platform. It was able to keep the attention and even exceeded the expectations of some viewers from beginning to end. 

According to them, this is one of those rare moments when they didn’t even feel the need to hit YouTube’s skip ad button. They watched the entire two-minute run of the video. It is highly emotional and was able to set up the argument pretty well. 

The first thing that Volvo did on their video was to deal with the naysayers of their product because they know that it will work to their advantage in the long run. 

This video from Volvo is also the best example of adding a touch of suspense to a story while keeping the viewers engaged until the final reveal. 

Researchers Discover the Potential Missing Link between SEO and Social Media 

An SEO survey was conducted by Audience and Symmetrical, with 150 respondents revealing that about 2/3 of 61% are not using social media analytics to inform their SEO strategy. 

This is important because if your goal is attracting higher search rankings, it is important for your target audience to find your content highly useful and make it stand out from your competitors’ content. 

The small survey shows a big chance overlooked by most brands. You should always use your social media conversations and analytics to better determine the content in demand among your target audience. 

Drybar Teaches Customers How They Can Do It on Their Own

When close-contact businesses were forced to temporarily close their doors because of the pandemic, Drybar’s national team took video content to a higher level by showing their customers how to deal with their hair at the comforts of their homes. 

The founder of the company stated that video is the sole thing they can do. However, their attempt of retaining their customers through how-to videos was not built from the ground up. This was the expansion of something that the company had long been willing to share with their customers.

Others might find it counterintuitive to share DIY content for doing your services or creating your products. Drybar has proven that such an approach works as it expanded to become a $100 million business in just 6 years. The company understands that customers pay for the stylists’ expertise and the salon experience. They will still pay for it even though they can just do their hair at home by simply following video tutorials. 

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