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5 Video Ideas to Generate Leads

Videos are now taking the whole world by storm, and they are now considered one of the most powerful ways of generating leads. These are not only any leads but sales-qualified and higher quality leads. 

Here are 5 ways to use videos to generate more leads and take your marketing efforts to a whole new level!

1. Video Opt-in Forms

Many of you have surely used lead capture or opt-in forms in the past in exchange for information. However, did you know you can also directly insert these forms in your videos? Gating all your content might irritate customers but try offering value and a freebie in the videos now and then. These video opt-ins are intelligent ways of engaging qualified leads and guiding them further into your sales funnel. 

2. Product Demonstrations

With the combination of voice and image, videos are excellent ways of conveying complicated ideas more straightforwardly. A product demo video is effective as it proves function and usability that text alone can never do. 

3. Case Studies and Customer Interviews 

Video case studies can give potential customers a glimpse of how your business has succeeded in past scenarios and projects. Videos can instantly capture the project’s essence and how your service or product solved real problems for real people. 

Real is the keyword here. Instead of summarising the story in a case study based on text, visual text studies can breathe life into the scenario. Share testimonials about your products, interview customers, and showcase the most significant wins of your company for your product to be more substantiated and relatable. 

4. Personal Video Chat

Say goodbye to aggressive in-store sales representatives, FAQ pages that lack personality, and static hold music. Live chat can make customers happy as this is self-serve while letting them engage with your brand through face-to-face interaction. It is the brand support they prefer while allowing your reps to reclaim their footing in the buyer’s journey that the consumer mainly controls. 

Personal video chats let you answer questions that could make or break a sale, make your conversions better, and lessen your bounce rate. 

5. Video Blogs

Vlogging or video blogging is an excellent way of instilling a sense of trust between your customer and your brand as it makes your company feel more humane. Instead of page text where it is very rare to notice the author, viewers will face your brand’s representative. When your customers develop a good relationship with your brand, it lets them move toward what is known as full emotional connection. As expected, customers become more valuable when they are also more emotionally connected. 

You see, you can no longer ignore videos these and you should never want to miss them in the first place. Videos are among the most powerful tools you can use for sales and marketing. Suppose your business finds it hard to attract more quality leads, and you don’t have the resources for in-house video production. In that case, it is best to work with a reliable video marketing agency. 

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