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5 Fabulous Features You Didn’t Know About on Instagram

Instagram app is constantly adding brand new features, but many people are not aware of them. Take a look at the following 5 Instagram features you probably didn’t know about. 

1. Forward or Reply Option for Specific Messages

Instagram recently included the ability to reply to a specific message for conversations to be contextual. All you have to do is tap then hold the message, and a Reply label will appear below. Press this, and you are done. 

The same steps can be followed to forward a message. There is also a More option at the bottom, and a Forward option will show if you tap on it. Tapping and swiping the message on its right side also lets you reply to a specific message. 

2. New Way of Switching Between Instagram Accounts 

For those with two accounts on Instagram, both of which are logged in, it is now possible to switch between them, and all you have to do is double-tap on the profile photo. You can find it at the lower right part of your feed. If you have got several accounts, just hold on to the profile to switch for the app to show all of your accounts. Simply tap on the account you like to switch. 

3. Chat Reaction Emojis

It is the same with how Facebook allows you to reach posts. Instagram lets its users react to posts with reaction emotions. All you have to do is long-press on the messages you receive for different emojis to show up. You can also double press on messages to add the red heart icon. 

4. Send Disappearing Videos or Photos

You can now send disappearing photos or videos as individual or group message. When someone opens the disappearing video or picture you sent them, that message will be invisible in their inbox unless you allow replaying your message. 

You can also enter Instagram’s inbox section to send any disappearing content. You just need to swipe left to access it. Tap on the camera icon found beside the group or the person’s username to whom you will be sending the disappearing video or photo. Tap on Search box to access your phone’s gallery and choose the video or picture you will send. You will be given three options here – Keep in Chat, Allow Once, and View Once. 

These are all self-explanatory. The first one means the media won’t disappear. The second one means you can replay, while the last one means the person can only see the video or photo once, and it will disappear after.

5. Unmute or Mute Instagram Stories

Finally, Instagram now lets you mute the posts or Stories of other people if you don’t like to see them while still following the person. To unmute or mute someone’s posts or story, tap then hold the person’s profile picture in the Stories section found on top of the feed. Choose Mute, then tap on Mute Story. When you mute a Story, it will just be visible at the end of your feed’s top bar. The same steps can be followed to unmute a Story. Instagram says they won’t inform the person if you mute them. 

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