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10 Colour Palettes We Love Love Love

Colours and brands are undoubtedly linked.  Just think of Amex Black Card, Golden Arches, Pink Ribbon, or Tiffany Blue. You see, colours can create a more vibrant visual experience. Colours can make everything more attractive. They can affect your mood, and as a result, they also subconsciously shape your actions. This is why it is not a surprise that businesses and brands are now putting lots of careful thought into the specific colours that they choose to use. 

Studies revealed that average persons make subconscious judgments about the environment, persons, or products in just a matter of 90 seconds. Over 2/3 of this judgment is based on the colours they see. 

Having said this, context, cultural differences, upbringing, and individual experiences can shape the way you respond to colours. In the US, for instance, white is mainly associated with happy bridal occasions. In India, on the other hand, white is the colour worn when a person dies. 

However, there are specific colours that can also stir up universal emotional responses. The best example of this is the colour blue that evokes trust, dependability, and trust. Blue is also usually used or added in logos. 

If you are looking for the best colour palettes you can use for your brand or business, the following 10 choices are worthy of considering:

  1. Poppies at Dawn 
    • Nothing can beat a large field of blooming red poppies as the sun sets on the horizon.  
  1. Cherry Blossom Sky
    • This colour is reminiscent of the wonders of the spring season.
  1. Falling for You
    • Make your statements bolder with the contrast of reds and deep teal greens.
  1. Orange You Glad
    • If you are looking for a perfect match made in heaven, you can never go wrong with orange, yellow, and green. 
  1. Glowing Petals
    • For a certified show-stopper, the contrast between oranges and blue-green can do exactly just that.
  1. And Then There Was Mauve 
    • No one can say no to muted and dusty colours.
  1. Pink Glow
    • The power of the sun is that it makes even the most ordinary look like neon.
  1. The Valley Below 
    • The touch of gold completes the green and blue look. 
  1. Fall for Teal + Gold
    • This is true leafy perfection of teal, gold, and yellow. 
  1. Autumn Jewels 
    • All leaves turn into jewels when autumn comes. 

Choose the Correct Colour Palette That Suits Your Brand 

The very first step for you to choose the correct brand colour is to determine the feel and voice of your brand. To give you a good idea, you might want to consider where your brand’s colour falls in the list of 10 colour palettes above. It will be easier for you to choose your brand colours once you have this context in place. Be careful in choosing your colours because this can easily make or break your brand and your business as a whole. 

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